The Women of Magdalene

Street prostitutes occupy the lowest rung of the ladder in America – marginalized, abused and degraded for most of their lives. In Nashville there’s a place where these women can reclaim their dignity and their lives. It’s called Thistle Farms and it’s part of a bigger program called Magdalene, a lifeline for women who have survived lives of violence, prostitution and addiction.

The Women Of Magdalene will document the lives and struggles of the women as they experience different phases of life at Magdalene.  Their first priority upon arriving at Magdalene is to get healthy physically, including (mandatory) drug and alcohol detox. We’ll see life in the residences which will include the hard work of rehabilitation, confronting the harsh realities of their past, fighting to maintain sobriety, conflict with other women in the house, reconciling with families, relapses into drug and alcohol use then getting clean again. Each woman goes through her own.   All the women, whatever differences and tensions that arise between them, come together for a community meal once a week. They’re learning to live in as a family, in a ‘home”, in a completely different way than they’ve ever known.

The Women Of Magdalene will bring viewers into this little-seen world to experience the enormous impact one committed person can have, the infinite capacity for transformation in even the most downtrodden person in our society and the redemptive power of community.