Nancy Dionne is an award winning documentary filmmaker and photojournalist.

Her focus to take a viewer “to a threshold” which is why producing stories that create new possibilities for envisioning better futures is her passion.  She is a Yahoo!Japan Creator artist, founder of both “Express Your Last Wishes: Leave in Love” which helps people clarify their intentions for loved ones and “On A Threshold Films.”

Outside of Transform Films, her past projects include Directing her own “All I See is the Future” and the “Future is Rotten” about a rare mushroom,  as well as credits with “Turn Every Page – The Adventures of Robert Caro and Robert Gottlieb, Lost Footage Films for The Wall Street Journal Magazine “Columnists” series, BreakThru Films “New Voices” segment for the 2018 Oscars,  Hitman Productions ITVS series pilot “Should we Kid or Not?” and for Director Dempsey Rice “The Animated Mind of Oliver Sacks”.